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The Most Awesome Vacations We Took in 2019

Jetblue Now Goes Direct To Cuba, Guys


Speaking of direct flights, have you been to Cuba yet? Have you? If not, 2016 is your year. See you in Havana.

7 Trips Every Wine Lover Needs To Take


Get your Riesling on in New York’s Finger Lakes–it’s only a six-hour drive from NYC, so you can rent a car and spend the weekend wine tasting.


And while we’re setting 2016 goals, this is definitely the year you finally take a tour of the Versace mansion. We can feel it.

10 Under-The-Radar European Trips


London is great, but this year we’re dreaming of a trip to Manarola, Italy, a Cinque Terre town that’s only accessible by train. That’s right–there are no cars allowed. Especially no honking yellow cabs that try to cut you off on Fifth Avenue.

The 14 Most Instagrammable Spots Ever


Want to be more popular on Instagram? (Yes. The answer is yes.) Plan a trip to photograph Lake Retba in Senegal and we bet you’ll gain 1,000 new followers instantly.

The Most Gorgeous Hotel Suites In Nyc


So let’s say you win the lottery in 2016 (hey, it could happen). Instead of taking a trip, we’d stay right here in NYC and have a staycation in a diamond-encrusted hotel suite.