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5 Places to Go Hiking in (or Around) the City

We don’t know quite how to break this to you, but it’s come to our attention that Illinois is rather, um, flat. But hey, what we lack in mountain ranges we make up for in literally everythingelse, and we’re home to more than enough natural wonders to suppress that occasional and unsettling urge to climb a steep incline. Here, seven of ...

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5 Glorious Places That Will Make You Feel Like It’s Spring in Chicago

There are many reasons we love Chicago, but February isn’t typically at the top of that list. That’s no longer the case, however, since we discovered a flurry of places that happily bend reality for us to make it seem like it’s spring—right now. The Orchid Show at Chicago Botanic Garden The abundance of rare and exotic blooms at this ...

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All the 3-Day Weekend Trips You Should Take This Summer

Summer Fridays are so close we can taste them–and we’d hate to leave you unprepared. Here are five itineraries for jetting out of town for the best long weekend, ever. And here’s the best news: these flights will only take about an hour of your time (OK, plus TSA time). Bon voyage! Kansas City, Kansas Yes, KC has gold-standard barbecue. ...

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The 5 Best Road Trips from Chicago

It’s amazing how quickly three hours go by when that “next episode” button keeps popping up. But with the same amount of time in the car, you can transport yourself to romantic retreats, majestic waterfalls and (yesss) wineries. Forget battling the security lines at O’Hare—these five road trips are our top picks for your next weekend getaway. Best for Beaches: New ...

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