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DARPA Says the Biggest Obstacle to Effective Artificial Intelligence Is Common Sense

If you went through public school in the last fifteen years, odds are that your math tests included a space for an answer and a follow-up question that asked “Does your answer make sense?” While plenty of kids might have been puzzled by that, being able to recognize a dumb mistake is one of the major things that separates human ...

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Scientists Have Stored Sunlight In a New Liquid Fuel That Could Revolutionize Energy

NASA may have figured out the perfect energy source for colonies on other planets, but here on Earth, we’re still struggling to find the right balance of power, renewability, and cost. Though scientists have made great strides in making solar power more efficient, one of its innate problems is (surprise!) powering things when the Sun isn’t shining. Now, a research team from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden may have ...

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Scientists Create Clock So Powerful It Can Measure Spacetime and Gravity

Sure, an Omega Speed master watch was accurate enough to time the rocket thrusts that returned the Apollo 13 astronauts to Earth, but even a Speedmaster looks like a sundial made of rocks when compared to the clocks used in a recent study published in Nature. According to the authors of the research, the clocks are so accurate that they won’t “lose” time for 15 billion years and ...

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New Technology Uses Lasers to Transmit Audible Messages to Specific People

Researchers have demonstrated that a laser can transmit an audible message to a person without any type of receiver equipment. The ability to send highly targeted audio signals over the air could be used to communicate across noisy rooms or warn individuals of a dangerous situation such as an active shooter. In The Optical Society (OSA) journal Optics Letters, researchers from ...

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