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Seven Simple Steps to Protect Your Family’s Online Privacy

As our first month of 2017 comes to an end, its time to remind ourselves of our resolutions for the New Year. I’m sure many of you resolved to embrace a healthier lifestyle or take up a new hobby, but how many of you decided to make your family’s privacy an important thing on your to-do list for the year? ...

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5 Steps to Making a Career Out of Your Art Skill Process

Can art become an actual profession? You know you can earn extra money on the side, but is it safe to leave your office job and become fully committed to turning your artistic skills into a profession? Now, more than ever, it’s possible to achieve that goal. What is modern art, anyway? MoMA has a nice definition of it: Challenging the notion ...

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How To Successfully Photograph Your Pets

We all love our furry friends, but photographing pets can present a challenge to even the most experienced photographers! Animals don’t understand the concept of posing for a photograph but fortunately, with a few simple tips you can shoot lovely pictures of the pets in your life. Be Ready In Advance Pet photography is a genre where it pays to ...

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How To Recover Shadows & Highlights In Your Photos

Two of the most important and highly used features in Lightroom are the Shadows and Highlights sliders. This is especially true for the newer versions of Lightroom (starting in version 4). These sliders provide you ways for bringing out even the subtlest details in your photos’ shadows and highlight areas. They are what you use to recover details and minimize contrast in ...

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