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Is It ‘Internet’ Or ‘internet?’ The Internet Can’t Agree

In the summer, the “Internet” will become the “internet,” at least according to the Associated Press’s widely-followed stylebook. The change was announced over the weekend at the American Copy Editors Society’s annual meeting, immediately setting off a round of arguments about whether “internet” with a lowercase “i” is a good or a bad thing. For some, “internet” represents a long-overdue ...

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4 Simple Tips if Your Internet Speed Fluctuates

You want to browse the web and the Internet speed fluctuates like hell is a little bit frustrating issue and there’s a solution to that which is to get another reliable and fast Internet connection. But, in a situation where your Internet connection is fast and everything seems to be difficult, or things are not going the way it supposes ...

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Age Verification in the Digital Age

When Tinder announced it was shutting down all accounts of users younger than 18, many parents were surprised to find out that their 13 year old had access to the dating app in the first place. One of a parent’s worst nightmares is for their child to go out into the real world and meet a stranger that they had ...

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4 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Cybercriminals

Kids know the internet as a wonder-filled place where their cyberspace adventures are only limited by imagination. As parents, however, we know better. The Internet does have its faults. Cybercriminals, malware viruses, phishing and even social engineering attacks can, and often do, happen. Any adult who has spent a decent amount of time online has most likely been exposed to ...

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