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Hey, These Beaches Near NYC Are Clean and (Kinda) Empty

Coney Island, we love you. You’re loud and exciting and you have funnel cake. But sometimes we want to spend a day at the beach without sandwiching our towel between a gang of hipsters and a family of nine. That’s a when we go to one of these clean, (kinda) empty beaches instead. See you at Jacob Riis Park. Jacob Riis Park, ...

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Awesome Hikes Within 2 Hours of NYC (No Car Required)

Look, even city gals need a break from the overcrowded subways, constant traffic noise and tempting smells coming from those Nuts 4 Nuts carts on every corner. Luckily, you don’t have to own a car (or even dust off that Zipcar membership) to escape to the great outdoors. Hop on a train or bus to one of these stunning hikes ...

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6 Vacations New Yorkers Should Take This Summer

Every year, you swear you’re gonna plan a big summer trip…only to find yourself posted up at your usual summer watering hole (what can we say? the pull of frozen Negronis is strong), jealously watching your coworkers’ Instagram stories of Barcelona street food and Caribbean beaches and kicking yourself for not booking something. Not this year. Hop on one of ...

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6 Underrated Beaches Within 2 Hours of NYC

Look, we love Rockaway and Coney Island (and not just for the tacos and hot dogs). But sometimes we don’t feel like running into our upstairs neighbours, our ex and half the office on our day off. These six lovely beaches are the answer. Long Branch, NJ (1 Hour From NYC By Car Or Ferry, 2 Hours By NJ Transit) ...

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