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New BMW X3 SUV Revealed: Munich’s Photocopier is Working Fine

Say hello to the new BMW X3 SUV. BMW’s fresh mid-size SUV has been revealed at an event in Spartanburg in the US and will include a hot M40i petrol model to take on the recently revealed Audi SQ5. The revitalised X3 is part of BMW’s continued SUV push over the next few years and will be followed on from a production version ...

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Car Interviews European Infiniti Chief Jim Wright

CAR readers were asked to submit their questions to Infiniti Europe vice president Jim Wright. We put them to him and here are his answers. It’s a two-part interview CAR readers: What is Infiniti’s marketing strategy for the UK and Europe? Jim Wright: ‘That’s a big question for a car brand. Basically we want to position the vehicles as being ...

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CAR Inquisition: ‘It Costs as much to make a Dull Design as an Exciting One’

Simon Cox is in thoughtful mood, as you’d expect from one of the more cerebral car designers. Take his breakthrough concept, the Isuzu Vehi-Cross: in 1993 Cox helped conceive a vehicle which fused a 4×4’s toughness with a sports car’s performance. Such ‘crossovers’ are utterly routine now, but it took another decade for the Infiniti FX and then the BMW ...

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Shark Photography: Up Close and Personal With Jaws

Can you believe that some folks are actually paid good money to photograph sharks up close and personal while it’s just a hobby for others? While you may not yet muster up the courage to actually go and add shark photography to your list of photography projects, here are some pointers on how the fearless do it. Get Rid of ...

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